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 Recruiting and Joining the site

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PostSubject: Recruiting and Joining the site   Recruiting and Joining the site EmptyWed Jan 06, 2010 6:33 pm

There are 2 ways to join the DOGS OF WAR website:

1/ Join the site as a visitor - this option is available to all non team members or recruits who wish to join so they can drop by and say hi and check in with what we are doing. This type of membership is open to all prospective players and paintball affiliates & friends.
-To join as a visitor please contact myself (Blackdog - email - drakenoir41@hotmail.com), or Buckshot.

-Visitors get access to sections of the site but do not have acces to the TEAM MEMBERS private areas.

2/ once you have joined the site as a visitor and would like to be considered for a TEAM position in either the NORTH or SOUTH divisions, you will need to gain the sponsorhip of an established team member. Once we have the good word from your sponsor you will be promoted to the recruit level which allows a few more areas to be accessible.

3/ Full fledged member. To advance to a full fledged member status you must allready be on the Recruit list with a team member sponsoring you.
then you MUST attend atleast 2 scheduled regular team game days aswell as gain the approval of the Division leader for your area.
ie...Dagwood for the south division and Buckshot for the north division (or me).
Once this has been achieved we will consider you for a team position if they are available.


The D.O.W. TEAM is made up of 2 DIVISIONS, North & South.
- Each Division may have up to 20 full fledged team members
- Each Division should be made up of 2 squads (2 X 10 man squads)
Promotion to team member spots will only be granted if there is open spots available in that division.

For example:
Currently the South division has 9 members and therefore has positions open for up to11 more.
Currently the North division has only 14 members and has space for 6 more.
We are avidly recruiting at the moment, especially in the Burns Lake area!

Things that help with becoming a TEAM MEMBER

- Attendance - most important! - If you want to be a recruit for the team, come out to the games!
- Fair play and good attitude - ofcourse! we don't recruit cheaters, whiners, bullies or headcases! we all want to have fun!
- GEAR - MILSIM - as we are a scenario playing woodsball group, we prefer players who dress the part. Camoflage is a good start, MILSIM markers like Tippmann's are also a way to be noticed with us. Most of the team have more than one marker, camoflage, vest systems etc..
- Radio use - We use 2 way radios for communications, tho you do not need this to join be forewarned that we like to use these in games.

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Recruiting and Joining the site
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