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 Dogs of War Recruitment Policy

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PostSubject: Dogs of War Recruitment Policy   Dogs of War Recruitment Policy EmptyMon Oct 19, 2009 2:05 am

Recruitment Policy for the Dog's of War TEAM

You do NOT have to be a member of the team to join this site or come out to games.However, only Official team members will be ranked provincially thru Mercenary Republics ranking system.

Max Team membership = 40
Team maintained in 2 Divisions.
Each Division will be made of 20 players maximum.
Each Division should divide these into 2 Squads of up to 10 players

To get on the recruitment list your name must be sponsored by atleast 1 team member.
Recruits will be picked from the recruitment list as needed to fill positions on the team.
Recruits must attain unanimous approval from Dogs of war Leadership to become team members.
(That means the squad leader, the Divisional leader & the Administration - Rodman & Dagwood (South) ; Blackdog & Buckshot (North)

Team Structure

2 Division (20 players each)
4 Squad (10 players each)

The purpose of this is to allow the players who are most active to rise to the top. Attendance will be key, participation in activities, Forum activity. Make your presence known, those who contribute will be rewarded. We are looking for team mates who want to make this as fun as possible, with team social events aswell as great milsim scenario paintball. Maybe some team trips to bigger events, aswell as plenty of visits to local outlaw fields.

Promotions will be based on:

Game Attendance - #1 priority!

Forum Activity - The forum is the Teams MAIN way of giving out information.
- Read the posts! Most information can be found their, if it is not or you can't find it POST that under site suggestions!
- Post an acknowledgement if you have read an important announcement.
- On things like team group buys or Team functions or activities, post your intentions.

Merits: Things that will help prospects get noticed and added to the recruitment list.

Participation in:
Field Engineering
Event Volunteers
Event hosting & planning
Field recon & affiliation
Artwork, props, Insignia,
Flags, T-shirts, Patches
Scenarios, Storyline, Mapping
Photography, Videography
Scorekeeping, materials supply
-and all sorts of ways I can't think of!

If your not helping out in some way, you should be.
There are many niches to fill.
All for one & one for all.
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Dogs of War Recruitment Policy
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